CARNEVALE Book Launch & Signing ~ October 17th!


Hello all UK friends – Come and meet me in person, have a chat, a book signed (or 2!) a glass of champagne, look around the beautiful medieval building, listen to a reading, admire the artwork, laugh at how nervous the poet is……..IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!


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All I Ever Wanted

“When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.”
~ Oscar Wilde

You were all.
You were all I wanted and all I ever wanted and all I would ever want
and my whole day was spent on plotting and planning and engineering a reason to see,
to speak,
 to call,
 to email,
to insert myself into your reality, 
to make myself over in your image.
You were all.
And little by little
I made progress and became a mirror for you, 
with a magic bagfull of excuses ready to provide for every occasion,
and a signed, sealed and laminated license permitting
 you to stay absorbed in yourself
with a fanbase of one to cheer you on.
The day came and all those machinations paid off,
you were mine to have and hold…
Time rolled steadily on…
But now,
now I see without the denying rose tint.
But your roots are trained and intertwined with mine,
to pull them up would kill the tree and the tears I watered with so carefully
and consistently would have been for nothing.
Love dies.
Pity fades,
wears down by the end of each day, 
like a tissue wept into too often,
and now I plot and plan and dream of an escape…


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Two Steps Forward

Originally posted on Chimera Poetry:

Two steps forward,
one step back.
The cracks I was warned not to step on
opened wide and plunged me in
pirouetting like a silk stocking twister.
The rule book is out of date and the maps 
are wrong
and I am not authorized to be in this arena.
Two steps forward,
 one step back.
Can you teach me the dance of the seven veils?
Even if my feet are shackled and clumsy with knockoff shame
without label
without name
but fully present 
and convinced of their rights.
Two steps.
One step.
Being still and letting the parade pass by…
The animals are untamed 
sniffing the wind for fear and my heart crouches low
in wispy grass not meant for concealment
but it’s all I can find
like a rock climbers gotobethere hold.
Two steps back,
three steps back,
how far can I go before I meet myself again?

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Carnevale!!!!!!!!!! It’s FINALLY Here! RUN (or….click) to your Bookstores Now!

I had started to lose hope…..

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

There was nothing that made me happy…..


not even….Pizza (ominous music)

I felt all alone…..



like the sun coming out,

CARNEVALE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Available on Amazon, at Bookstores and Createspace Direct. Also….soon on Kindle!

Featuring the beautiful cover design and artwork of Sorell. (*applause*)

I am very proud of the work here and grateful for everyone who helped and encouraged and WAITED! ThankyouThankyouThankyou

Please feel free to buy early and often! (just like voting in Chicago!)

Amazon UK

And, of course,  any and all reviews will be gratefully accepted.

And by gratefully accepted I mean I will do silly and uncoordinated dances and sing your name and get all gigglish and bake you cookies / brownies / lemon cake if you let me know where to send them….

A starving (well, dieting) author thanks you!

With Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed  back and now this…….

I am overwhelmed with happiness.

Enough whleming.

Now – back to the paper. The ink is calling……









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Originally posted on Chimera Poetry:

It’s gold I can feel and see first,
gold of honey and wings and delicate wax.
Feel the time and slowness and evenness of it
walls not content to merely house but curves that hum and cradle and move you along 
here now
here now
My wings
 my stripes 
my head of brass and oil and poppy.
Scents collide and cajole and mingle with the visions in my head
dreams? memories?
all soft, all fragrant
open your mouth and let your tongue weep
let it grow heavy on the sweetness…
I rise into the dawn and hold my self as tightly as I can 
as long as I can
delaying the moment of unfurling so that the pleasure is tenfold and
look now the sun is also gold
and nods to me
in this intimate fellowship
this airy worship of light we share. 
My language is my dance and…

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Scar Tissue

Originally posted on Chimera Poetry:

Old words,
old wounds.
Words shot in anger,
 in ego,
 in fear,
my heart being an endless target,
while my easily filled eyes tell you when you’ve scored.
Old words,
old wounds.
Rise up like marching furrows,
the scar tissue has made lines
like grimacing smiles,
a map of the ways a person can be split in two,
can be ripped apart,
 and still live.
No magician with his chain bright saw can do so well.

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Dark Poet

Originally posted on Chimera Poetry:

© Austin Gartman Photography

Dark poet,
dark poetry.
Peering beneath the carpet and discoursing about the crumbs
instead of the lovely floral patterns everyone else admires.
I only meant to nibble but the hook set in deep and now 

me and Tom Joad 

we are always around in the dark.
And no matter how aged,
how deep the shade that swirls in that neglected bottle,
the ink is always fighting to be heard…




*photo by austin gartman*

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