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  Pumpkinhead, brainless and empty, tealight the only brightness and toothy grin the only expression, until the squirrels gnaw him away…. So with this in mind there was no panic when he appeared, triangle eyed and dopey, in the window. She thought … Continue reading

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Tricks, Treats and a Halloween Blog Post….or…..Where is my bag of fun size Snickers?

  It’s HALLOWEEN! Pumpkins and scary stories and leaves and ……lotsa cool stuff.  (Yeah. I’m a writer. I work with words….lotsa cool stuff was the best I could come up with. Don’t judge….) First, let me dazzle you with my … Continue reading

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I Remember

I remember trying, spending time in the mirror and inspecting my walk, striding towards then away, pulling in my stomach, never admitting to lip hair removal. Trying to learn eyeliner and to walk in new shoes. I remember when it … Continue reading

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Spite Houses

The world has become intertwined, a neighborhood of spite houses, with border guards under every rock, peering in every window, sifting through your trash, and ripping bits from tossed out letters to wave in vicious triumph. They stand watch for … Continue reading

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