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    Conversation swirls around the room like cream in dark coffee, and I envy the richness added.  My conversations are staccato, confusing and brutishly short, my tongue like pinking shears, clipping the words off, leaving the edges ragged and trailing, not … Continue reading

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A Changing Time

  We met at midnight, or maybe it was morning, it was a transitioning time, a changing time, and we held hands and jumped, falling gently into the good night that everyone else raged against. I wrapped the darkness tightly … Continue reading

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End of the Summer Musings and The Still Lady (*non alcoholic*)

  The summer flew by in a time bending kind of way. Days crept passed, long and slow and piled teetering high with busywork,  but then POOF! the week would have somehow disappeared and the months were changing as if … Continue reading

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