Chimera Hits the Road


The bags are packed, underwear counted and socks (sortof) matched. Some clothes and many books.

Chimera is going on vacation!

I am staying in a cottage with (cue ominous music) NO. WIFI.

I will pause here a moment and let that sink in.



What to do, what to do, how to do it without instablogacebooktweets????? A strange, new world……


My my my….packing and stopping the milk delivery must bring out the drama queen in me.


Anyway….I will leave you some strategically placed posts because I know (pleasepleaseplease) that you will miss me. And I will come back from The Land That Time Forgot and tell you all about the wonders contained therein…..(drama queen is back, I’m outta here….)

See you soon!


“The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

On the road,





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“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet / Are of imagination all compact.”                ~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lunatic lovers walk together under a crooning moon
with the music in their heads eclipsing the noise of the traffic
and bird song spooling overhead into poetry 
which they chased and caught like ribbons 
I am the music he said and you must play the muse
as we raise our wine glasses high and toast to beauty so perfect
so lethal
that it sinks into your heart like a dagger
for what is more perfect than death
and she smiled coolly and spun dancing away 
a different muses fire kindling in her heart 
and the slick taste of madness on her lips
  and drank deep to his toast 
down to the thick and bitter dregs
and left him lying in all his desired perfection
in the light of the crooning moon
her tears and laughter mingling with the noise of the traffic
her fingers fluttering like moths
 as she shook the ribbons from her hands
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Can I Trust You?

Can I Trust You? ~
Can I trust you?
Will you be there if I fall? 
when I fall…
or when I stumble?
or leap for joy
will it be your arms waiting for my landing?
When I cannot believe that anything is salvageable
will you show me how to sift
to find and focus on the bits of gold in the gravel?
When I reach out nightblind and terrified
is it your hand I will find?
Or will your pretty words and eyes twinkle at me
only long enough to lay me down?
Are we walking in each others footsteps 
our prints crossing
and weaving a braid in the sand
or do the marks show a brief encounter
a wave
a wink and a smile
a trace of a memory which started fading for you before it was over
but leaves me scorched and scored
Can I whisper to you and fear no condemnation? 
Can you stand my midnight soul
the thoughts I cannot bear to name
or give a place to in the chapters I have lived 
Can I trust…
will you be there…
will I find you when I reach out
will you let me be there to catch you also?
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Stepping Through The Mirror


I stare into the the mirrors silvery depths
I stare hard, harder
trying not to let my eyes waver
willing it to take me
accept me
let me step through the mirror
past the barriers and freefall, tossed and tumbled out into a strange dimension
a new universe
will I meet dragons?
angels, demons?
I hope I find that I am an adventurer
that it is my wild soul that yearns for unchaining
for the uncharted
that I am up to challenges and thrills and exploits
that the pirate gypsy scoundrel daredevil in me will waken
and grin
I hope
I hope it is not just escape I am seeking
staring into those silvery depths
and willing
take me
take me away
let me step through the mirror

The 10th Kingdom


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Happy Birthday CHIMERA!

time cake


One year ago today I stopped avoiding that pesky rabbit hole and jumped right in. I haven’t looked back since….

I would like to thank any and every one who wandered by. It doesn’t matter if you just nibbled at the edges or if you decided it was a nice place to stay and moved in with all your boxes and family and the cat….it all means something to me.  I have worked hard but loved every moment and I have been so enriched by all of your talents and support. I have learned to reach out and even if there is the occasional slap…….that’s alright.


This next year will have more “firsts” WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Once again, thank you. Thank you so very much.

I bid you peace,




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With beseeching eyes I hold up my empty bowl
please sir…
knowing full well that you are poison
and yet I will drink you in
savoring every drop
as powerless in your gaze
as a cobras prey wavering in a hypnotic snare
admiring the gleam
the last fatal glimpse
of diamond bright fangs
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Icarus Dreaming

The wind must be just right
to catch my wings and carry me
and I wait with plans and plots
 dreams and endless speculations
for it to rise
I have learned from my previous collisions
that wax melts too near the sun
and these new wings are constructed from much sterner stuff
I also know I may
once again
be dropped bruised and broken on to the unforgiving ground
and need to take those hurtful faltering steps to begin
feather by feather
the tedious task of rebuilding 
but all the pain is forgotten in that moment
that one crystalline moment
when I fly
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