He fell to earth,

 and when the breath returned to his body, 

he stared,

 wincing at the sky in disbelief,

and had to decide

to live,

or topple over into panic,

chafing at his human mask,

something to hide behind,

as he adjusted to the heavy air.

Janus had two faces and he wore them like a crown,

but this was no god and more than one version of himself,

 left him confused,

his senses rambling in and out of coherence.

He kept forgetting the right words and his lip sync fell and broke.

“Who will rid me of this turbulent body?”

he cried, 

culling the words from old pages and hoping

the cantrip would work.

Moving uneasily,


through the night, 

hiding from the car lights that slowed when he came into view,

feeling the minutes drop like dying leaves,

he wondered,

if any slight of hand would win the game, 

rigged so long ago,

and convince this odd, turquoise planet

to shrug him off of her skin.


He fell to earth,

a being who was never supposed to know descent,

and the ground covered him after a time,

when he finally stopped fighting the press and weight of it.

And the breath left him in a small, bare wind

scattering leaves and lifting away,

answering a distant call,

answering much too late.


About chimerapoet

I write. I write a lot. A. LOT. There are times I am half blind with a sentence ricocheting off the walls of my stupid, cant be shut off to save my life, brain. I am miserable until I get it down on paper. Punch it up a bit. Usually cross out half of it. And then breathe. Relax. Only to do it all again..... But I just thought that was me. How I am. Not a writer....noooo...not me. Writers are.....writing people. People Who Write. REALLY write. Write things that matter. All grown up very important things. I am just a scribbler of sorts. And I was/am content with that....if it's true, well then....a scribbler am I. Until the thought wormed its way in to my brain (the furtive sneaky bitch) that maybe...just maybe...that is writing. My style. My strange way. But....still writing. So here I am at the dance. Not sure I know any of the moves and the music is entirely mine. But.....only one way to find out. Would you care to join me?
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